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Cannelés Wednesday, July 31, 2019, 07:55 PM


The first batch Second batch with the wire-rack

Made a double batch of batter for these on Saturday using the Patisserie (pink book) recipe like last time, only this time I subbed Kraken rum for the brandy. I was trying to use up the last of a bottle. Cooked according to the Eat Little Bird recipe again on Wednesday for the first batch, and Friday for the second. The first batch I baked starting at 460F and the tops turned out burnt. The second batch I started at 430F, and put the wire rack underneath while baking. The tops came out nicely bronzed, but some of the bottoms were a little too brown. I may have overfilled them slightly.

Note: The double batch of batter made about 25 mini canneles using my silicone molds.