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Crispy Pulled Pork Monday, October 28, 2019, 08:12 PM


I made "Crispy Pulled Pork". That wasn't my intention but it is what ended up (and it was really good). I actually did this two days in a row.

I was using semi-defrosted leftovers of sous vide pulled pork. To heat it up and to speed the defrost, I put it in a non-stick pan, added a tiny bit of water, and let it heat. I thought maybe I had added more water than I intended since it was very wet. Then I realized I was actually rendering fat!

So I did the same the next day. I took the (now fully defrosted) leftovers and rendered, then drained the fat. I then spread the pork as thin as I could on the pan and let it crisp. I drained more fat as I went. It was actually pretty gross! But it worked well!

I also made Coleslaw but I did a poor job of reducing the recipe and ended up with it being way too wet. It was better tasting the second day.

You can see the crispy bits The gross fat from the pork