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Cacio e Pepe Ravioli with Fried Sage in Brown Butter and Roasted Broccoli Soup Saturday, November 14, 2020, 09:05 PM


Meredith made "fried sage" in brown butter. It was based on a cookbook but basically, she just browned butter with sage leaves in it. We used that as a "sauce" for Trader Joes Cacio e Pepe Ravioli. It was pretty good; especially the fried leaves!

I made roasted broccoli soup. Meredith had roasted the broccoli earlier in the week. I made it with Better Than Bouillon Vegetable broth. It came out a bit salty and not as good as usual, though certainly not bad either. I think some of the cheese may have gone off too.

Update: From 2021-02-13, use 3 Tbsp of butter

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