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No Knead Brioche Friday, February 26, 2021, 11:30 AM


I made No Knead Brioche

Mixing (2021-02-24)

I initially followed the recipe but it was so unbelievably wet that I had to add a ton of flour. I was just trying to get it to come together so I wasn't measuring but it was as much as another 1/2 cup. Also, while I used bread flour in the main, I added all purpose.

This was before adding more flour. It was so wet:

I was really disappointed that (a) I had to add so much flour and (b) I don't know how much and (c) I didn't note it last time either. Meredith seems to recall I had similar issues but again, I didn't note it.

I tried to weigh the dough after everything and got 674 grams. I figured I could backout how much flour I added but, as can be seen below, I ended up with less overall. So that didn't work. I really don't think I messed up any of the measurements though it is a possibility, especially since I came out under. I will be extra careful next time to both make sure I start with the right amount and that I know how much more I add

Item Amount Ounces Grams Total (grams)
Flour 1 9.125 258.7 258.7
Yeast 1.25 3.1 3.9
Salt 0.75 5.9 4.4
Eggs 3 35.0 105.0
Butter 8 1 28.3 226.8
Water 2 1 28.3 56.7
Sugar 0.1875 198.0 37.1

Total 692.6


The dough felt pretty dry coming out of the fridge. Maybe too much flour? Or it was just cold. Anyway, I followed the rest of the recipe and once it was at about the top of the pan.

I baked for about about 30 minutes. At 25 it was too cool but I took it out at ~195°F at 30 minutes.

One side grew too much. You can't see in the cross section but there was a bubble under that side. Oops.

Otherwise, it was pretty good. Maybe a tad over-proofed. And less tasty (and less shiny) than last time but still pretty good.

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