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English Toffee with Piñon


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I made English Toffee from Joy of Baking (LOCAL[@rev])


I read a lot of different recipes and discussions including this food52 discussion and decided I liked this recipe the best. At least from reading. The corn syrup is supposed to help stop it from crystalizing and the baking soda lightens the texture by producing some air bubbles. Also, while it is long, the vide was informative.

Some recipes use cream of tartar to make an invert sugar. I am not opposed to them if this one doesn't work out


I toasted piñon while I was starting. I should have done this first since it got a bit hectic as the temperature rose and I still had to take out the nuts and split it. I think it worked out fine time wise but I did forget to pam the parchment paper before starting. It didn't matter in the end.

I went to about 293° or so. It made more than I expected so some will have fewer pine nuts underneath. It shouldn't matter too much though.

I just kind of eye-balled it on the chocolate chips. I also started them a bit late but it was fine. I had not trouble spreading them. In fact, using an offset spatula made it super, super easy!


It got a nice crunch but maybe a bit too easy to crunch. I also didn't think it had the richness of the store bought one. I will have to look into that. And maybe skip the baking soda to see how it is with more crunch.

It wasn't bad though. Just not as good as I had hoped...

It made 1 lbs 5 oz. Also, realizing that I would end up eating it all, I took what I wanted and vacuum sealed the rest.