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Spinach Artichoke Orzotto


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I made Spinach Artichoke "Orzotto" (orzo cooked like risotto) from The Kitchn (LOCAL[@rev]). Meredith found the recipe and asked me to make it. I did it at Bill and Ann's house. I added three cloves of garlic at the same time as the orzo (after the shallots) and also forgot the last butter. Also, they didn't have frozen artichoke hearts but I got (the last one!!!) quartered artichokes pictured below. I used HEB Brand broth and then some low sodium Better Than Bouillon. Likely more of it too

It was very good. We really liked the flavors and the creaminess. It took a lot of active time to cook it like this but it was pretty easy and, again, super flavorful. We will be making this again! Probably pretty soon too!