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I made a double batch of No-Knead Brioche [Bread Illustrated by America's Test Kitchen][@rev]. Like last time[@rev], I measured out the amount of additional flour but this time I used 2 oz extra total so 1 extra oz each. I think I liked this more. Next time I made it, if this is what I find, I will add it to the recipe. You also need to mix (knead?) really well.

I made a double batch so one was in the slightly larger pan. On the recipe they say the times should be different; both rising and baking. I decided I didn't care enough about rising and when baking, they basically were both ready at the same time (or a bit late). Depending on where I probed, I got 190°F to 195°F. This is a bit too warm for Albuquerque altitude.

I tried really hard to have nice tops but they still came out wonky. I do not know what to do but it also doesn't matter much. I separated the larger one (larger pan, same amount of dough) since it didn't mash together as well and froze that. The other was good, as usual!

Same size balls in different pans How they rose