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Armadillo Eggs Friday, July 09, 2021, 09:05 PM


I made Armadillo Eggs for the Holiday themed Gluttonfest. I used three tubes of sausage and about 1-3/4 cans of peppers and about 1 block of cream cheese. It made 22 of them. I miscounted and thought the first tube made 8 so I tried to get 8 from the second and it was tough. It is much better to just wing it.

I tried rolling out the sausage with a plastic-wrapped rolling pin and it didn't help much. Doing it by hand was better.

I baked them initially at 350°F and then finished them at the Pettit's house at 375°F until they were fully cooked (by temp). I didn't note times.

They were delicious as always!

Tags: gluttonfest

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