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Salt and Pepper Kugel and Thai Style Cabbage Salad Saturday, August 21, 2021, 06:50 PM


We made food to bring to the Pettit's for dinner.

For the kugel, I called my Baba and got her recipe and then also combined it with a few others. It is Mom's (Joan) Salt and Pepper Kugel. I used 1 stick of butter which was delicious but it probably could have been less. I also skipped the optional stuff. I cooked it at 365°F for about an hour. The noodles on top got really crunchy which everyone else loved, though I would have preferred them a tad softer. This was super easy though!

Meredith made Crunchy Thai Style Cabbage Salad from Cook Republic (LOCAL). She followed the recipe. It was okay. Honestly, we thought it was very similar to Asian-ish Shredded Chicken Salad / "Redemption Salad" [Dinner: A Love Story] but not as good and we would have preferred that!

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