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Chopped Cheese Steak


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I made something that is a hybrid of a "Chopped Cheese" and a "Cheese Steak". I've also seen these called "Cheese Steak Sloppy Joes", though that usually also is done on a bun.

I sautéed onion in [too much] oil...and probably a bit too long. I then pressed beef roughly like I was making smash burger. Not very hard but enough. Flipped it, then chopped it up. This was just to get some crusty bits. I then mixed in cheddar cheese.

Wish I used less oil and/or drained it. It was 90/10 mix but still a bit oily. It was, however, very good!

Important Addition

I noted it above but I think pressing into the pan is key to the flavor and matching a cheese steak. It is also my new favorite way to brown beef. You put the beef in the pan and press it down like a smash burger to cover as much as possible. As it cooks you can cut it into bits to make easier to flip. Flip it, let it cook a bit more, then chop with a sharp spatula! A lot more flavor and cooks faster.