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I made huevos for my mom and sister who are visiting. I had to make one with scrambled eggs since my mom doesn't like egg yolk. I made all but Emily's with some bacon. They all had green chile.

Roasted Broccoli and Sausage


I made roasted broccoli and sausage. I tossed broccoli with salt, garlic powder, and onion powder. I roasted it at 425°F for about 20 minutes and then added some chopped up chicken sausage.

It was pretty simple but a bit too salty. I need to be more careful pouring right from the container (as opposed to a salt grinder).

I did like how simple it was though!

Quorn Stir Fry


Emily had told me about Quorn. I bought a bag and made a quick stir fry with it and a kholrabi salad blend. I used Soy Vey teriyaki sauce.

There wasn't much to it. Simple and easy. I think I liked the Quorn and would try it again too.

Turkey Larb with Zucchini


I made turkey larb/lap with similar changes to last time including doubling the recipe, using 1 tbsp (total) ground crushed red pepper, sauteeing the shallots, and using ginger. (though I forgot to add Thai Chile Peppers)

I also sautteed a from-the-garden zucchini and put that in there to add bulk and veggies.

I thought that this was as good as usual but Meredith found it to be too fish-sauces (even though it was the same amount). I liked the added bulk of the zucchini

Japanese Curry


Meredith made Japanese Curry. She used the same curry blocks as we've used before, but used some extra which made it really good, but also really strong. (I think we used 4 the first time and 5 the next. She used 7). But it was good!

We used the same veggies: Carrots, potatoes, and onions. With Tofu

Turkey Taco Skillets


We made Turkey Taco Skillets. Nothing special but really good.

The only real note is that one of the peppers we used was from Meredith;s garden. I also bulked it up with a 1/4 head of cabbage but it mostly wilted down.

Pork Tenderloin and Kohlrabi Gratin


I made sous vide pork tenderloin like I did back on 2017-07-28. I did the same basic thing: 145°F for about 3 hours with garlic and herbs. But I just seared it and skipped trying to make a sauce which worked out ok, though I liked the sauce last time.

I actually made two of them so we would have lunch. I like how easy and relatively healthy this meal is!

Meredith also made Greek-Style Kohlrabi Gratin with about 1.5x the recipe (but kept the onions the same). It really good and pretty healthy (especially since we used low-fat feta). We should keep the recipe in the rotation more!

Overall, pretty simple meal with lots of leftovers!

Jerk Chicken and Calabacitas


Meredith and I made jerk chicken and calabacitas. I made the jerk chicken marinade on Sunday and marinaded a chicken (split in half). I then grilled it (recipe,temperatures) as two halves after a 24 hour marinade.

I think it worked out ok. The sauce kind of burt on it and made the whole thing look blackened, but all of the flavors were still there. It also made it stick pretty badly to the grill (I should have oiled it more). I also left it for too long on the second stage, but it was still moist.

Carving it was hard since I had already split the chicken, it was really hot, it was a small chicken, and it was hard to see it all under the blackened sauce. I still liked it, though I wish the marindade infused more. I also saved the marinade and boiled it to pasteurize it. Not sure what, if anything, I will do with it, but making it is so much work that I didn't want to toss it.

Meredith also made calabcitas where the zucchini and jalapeños were from her garden. She seasoned it with salt, pepper, and adobo powder. They were good, but the pan was a bit too filled and things kind of steamed.

Lasagna Soup


Meredith and I made our typical lasagna soup with some tortelinni.

We basically followed the recipe pretty closely and including adding some garlic powder and other seasonings. We also threw some "Power Greens" mix into it before the simmer to add veggies but let them wilt down.

It made a nice amount of food. Dinner + lunch!

Note for next time: we should consider using anchovy paste instead of soy sauce for the glutamates. It is more style-appropriate.

Caprese Salad and Kabocha


Not really much of a meal, but worth noting since Meredith grew both the tomaotes (beefsteak and cherry) and the basil. The caprese was made with burratta.

I also made Kabocha squash. 400°F for 30 minutes, flipped half way. The thinner pieces were fine but a few thick ones were undercooked. I need to be more consistent with the thickness in the future.

Frijoles a la Charra & Caprese Salad


This meal was nearly entirely Meredith's making. She made a double batch of Frijoles a la Charra (with Jalapeno pinto beans). We did the usual pressure cooker beans, using the natural release. next time we will cook it for longer at pressure and then do a quick release since they mostly got a bit mushy!. But other than that, they were really good.

Meredith also made caprese again using basil and tomatoes from the garden. We used burratta cheese which is a bit messier but really good!

Turkey Meatballs with Sweet Potato Spaghetti


Meredith and I made turkey meatballs with sweet potato spaghetti. We used this Inspiralized recipe (local). We actually just used the meatballs from that recipe with a few minor changes:

We also spiralized some sweet potato and cooked it with the meatballs to soften them. We then tossed it all with the Delallo sauce.

It was actually pretty easy. I think we would do that again.

Green Chile Stew


Meredith and I made green chile stew like last time. We again based it on the this recipe but also added cumin and, this time, we used anchovy paste for some glutamates. We didn't write down or specifically follow any of the recipes, but went by taste. (and basically doubled everything, plus used turkey). We also didn't use tomatoes.

I also used about 2 cups of fresh roasted green chile (with probably more seeds than we should have left). We let it simmer for about an hour. A lot of this, maybe too much, was by taste and I do not remember everything we used in it. I do think the anchovie paste worked ok for the glutamates.