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Cannoli Dip


Meredith made cannoli dip from Something Swanky (LOCAL). Many recipes she looked for used marscapone but she found this one because it just used ricotta (easier to find and we can be sure to find it pasturized).

She said it was super easy to make. And it came out pretty good. It was really popular at the super bowl get together. I thought it was a bit light making it almost too easy to eat, but that is really not a bad thing.

We served it with Brownie Brittle and some cinnamon gram cracker bites.

This will go into our party rotation for sure!

Green Chile Stew


We had bought a big costco thing of turkey so I decided to make green chile stew. I decided not to directly follow the previous recipes (a,b), and instead combine them along with my changes from the first time plus the back of the chile bag.

I started with:

and sauteed them before adding

To that, I added (or eventually added later) to taste:

Meanwhile, based on the back of the (giant) green chile bag, I made a roux seperatly with

and let it get medium dark. I added (and adjusted to taste)

That was a massive amount of green chile but I also (correctly) figured it had a lot of water. Adding it frozen was a big mistake as it took forever to melt despite the water booiling around it. I actually ended up taking it out and microwaving it.

Anyway, once it was all melted, I tasted it and found it to be bland still. I decided to add more salt and Better than Boullion, but also add

That finally helped. It was still far from as good as Golden Pride but I liked it. It came out pretty darn spicy though. And it really made way too much. I got five decently sized (4 ladle scoops or so) servings. I am not sure I would use this branch chile again. It was lacking in flavor, even though it was spicy.

I think next time, I will just suck it up and add "Flavor Enchancer" (i.e. MSG). I should look at a few other recipes too.

Pumpkin Balls


Meredith made pumpkin balls like last time using the same recipe. She soaked the dates and added some oats. She also replaced some of the walnuts with almods.

She didn't really follow the recipe specially but just the general idea. It came out really wet though.



I made the regular falafel. I do not think I did anything special. We ate it with rye bread (didn't buy pita) and old-but-surprisingly-still-ok harissa from a few weeks ago. Meredith made a za'atar dip.

Soba Noodles


Meredith made Soba Noodles from Love and Lemons (LOCAL). I will have to come back and note the changes. I do know she said it looked a lot better than it tasted.

King Cake


Meredith made a Mardi Gras King Cake from Joy the Baker (LOCAL). I will come back and add notes/changes, but I think she stayed pretty true to the recipe.

Some minor notes:

It smelled amazing both while it cooked and just in general. It was also really tasty!

Enchilada Casserole


Enchilada Casserole with ground turkey. I used a good bit of red sauce so it came out kind of spicy. Also, I tried to drain liquid before adding the sauce. It made it seem to stay together better but it still fell apart while serving.

Chili Potato


This was a pretty simple meal. I roasted a potato for about an hour (or more) at 400°F. I then just topped it with canned chili (we were going for easy!)

It was pretty easy and good! Nice weeknight type dish.

Salsa/Red Chile Chicken Salad


I made salsa chicken with as usual but I ran out of salsa for the dressing so I did it with red chile sauce.

Not much more to it. The toppings are:

The dressing was fine. I like it more with salsa, but this was fine.

I also made 4 additional servings.

Pork Tenderloin and Broccoli


I made sous vide pork tenderloin. Nothing too special. I set it up before I took out the dog and let it go at 145°F for about 1.5-2 hr. I also roasted some brocolli (tossed with salt and pepper) for about 35 min at 425°F. Also, Meredith made some canned biscuits so I had one of them.

Banana Pancakes


Meredith made banana pancaes from this William Sanoma recipe (LOCAL). She added mini chocolate chips and used almond milk

Banana Pudding


(Not the prettiest picture). I made banana pudding for a party. I really didn't do anything different than the recipe but, I do want to note that we used very un-ripe bananas and it was not as good. They cooked to be more chewy, and while they still gave off the banana flavor, it was less so.

use [extra] ripe bananas!



Simple falafel. From the extra batch on 2018-02-06 Meredith made greek yogurt dip with za'atar and roasted garlic powder. Also served with tomatoes and cucumbers.