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Open-Face Falafel Patties with Za'atar spread Saturday, May 11, 2013, 10:54 PM



I wanted to make falafel (with the changes I noted on 2013-05-12) but I wanted enough for a lunch a day later. So instead of eating it all, I made them more into patties, then I served them open face on multi-grain, low-fat english muffins. I made a za'atar dip with za'atar, greek yogurt and garlic powder. I also served them with a thin slice of tomato.

They wereextremelygood as always these days. Nice crisp to them with lots of flavor. I liked them served this like too. I think I would use tzatziki instead of za'atar dip in the future if Ididn't have to make it myself. Either way, I would also add a thin slice of cucumber.

Point-wise, it came out the same as just eating the whole thing but this is more interesting and makes more.

Made two servings. Here is the points for one (4 open-face things)

2x Multi-grain low fat english muffins...5.8

1/2 can chick peas...4.8

1/8 cup flour...1.4

1/2 tsp olive oil...0.6

4oz (1/2 serving) FF Greek Yogurt...1.6


14.2 or 14

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