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Cilantro Egg-Drop Soup Monday, March 10, 2014, 08:25 PM



NOTE: The dip part of this is now in My Recipe Book

Meredith has been talking about this soup for a while so I finally decided to give it a try. First of all, I am not totally sure what it is supposed to be called so I'll stick with my boring name (but it will always be Meredith's Soup in my book).

Anyway, I followed the recipe below with the following general changes:

As far as following recipes goes, I guess I was pretty close (I even used real garlic when called and actually grated it as best I could)

The soup was incredibly good. Lots of flavor and complexity. It was also pretty hearty as a meal given the egg and the beef. It would actually probably be fine with ground beef in the future and maybe (just maybe!) lentils (not really sure)

I was debating trying to lower the olive oil and I still may try to do so but honestly, I didn't think that 1/8 cups == 2 Tbsp (plus whatever else from the rest) was really_that_ bad.

I would definitely do it again. And I imagine soon enough, I will be adding it to my recipe book once I tweak it to be where I want it.

2014-03-12 Update: A few notes having eaten this for lunch two days later. The first is that I shouldn't have added the croutons for lunch until I was about to eat. They just disintegrated. The second is that it was a bit....for lack of a better word... udgy cold. Too much oil and a strange texture. I'll heat it up next time.


The "sauce" as the recipe calls it. It really was more Cilantro Pepper Pesto. Very good Cubed and toasted in the toaster Mixing the cilantro pesto with the meat. I think this helped impart a lot of flavor

The West Lake Hybrid (from Lady and Pups)

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