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Beet Pickled Eggs Sunday, July 27, 2014, 07:02 PM



I made beet pickled eggs based on my Dad's recipe below. I did the eggs in the already-steaming steamer as noted here for 11-12 minutes. A few of the eggs exploded or cracked while cooking. My guess is that these eggs were too fresh (purchased that day) so there wasn't an air pocket to compress. This is, of course, just my rough guess. Anyway, I cracked them by banging them around in the pot after steaming and cold-shocking them which worked pretty well to get the shells off

I made too many. I had 16 eggs plus a whole red onion plus two cans of beets. The eggs fit but the rest of the stuff pushed me over. Next time, fewer eggs and less onion. I ended up setting aside some of the liquid and pickling the remaining beets separately.

I gave them two days and tried one (pictured below). As you can see, the pickling did not really fully penetrate (yet?). I am not sure if more time will help but I'll let it sit and see. You can tell that the yolk is just barely cooked which is perfect. 11-12 minutesis good to not have the eggs overcook.

Overall, the results were ok. Again, more time may help but I do think that the recipe is severely lacking in salt. I will have to compare it to some other recipes and see about adding back some salt. Also note that while this calls for a lot of sugar, you are not actually consuming too much with each beet. I should count the extra but it must be very little


from my dad:

Bring all liquid (including beet juice) to a gentle simmer to dissolve the sugar. Add the eggsto the bottom of the container. Put the rest on top to weigh it down and add the liquid. Once cooled enough, put in the fridge

Additional photos:

Showing the penetration of the pickling juice Showing the texture and doneness of the eggs. 11-12 minutes steamed (with the water already boiling)

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