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Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 12:00 AM


I made buffalo chicken cupcakes using my cupcake method with the addition of a tiny bit of cheese on the bottom too.

They came out incredible. Probably the best ones I've had (though I haven't made them in ages). There was a good mix of cheesiness, flavor, buffalo, and other spices. However... I was a bit curious about the nutrition; especially with the amount of cheese I used in the end. It was bad!!! See below.

I also note some changes below for next time.

Recipe / Process

Anyway, for the filling, I made a Buffalo Chicken inspired filling. I melted

and added:

I let that sauté for a bit. I then added

Finally, I melted

and then added


I made the mistake of calculating the nutrition. I assumed I used about 4 oz of cheddar based on the size of the package. Obviously, this does not include the veggies.

The full breakdown is here. For all 12, it was 42 points plus. That is 3.5/cupcake.

Next time:

Most of these are about what I think I could give up to make it a bit healthier. Probably the biggest thing is less cheese and butter. I could also use less chicken though if I do, I want to bulk it up with even more veggies.

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