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Regular Seitan Logs



I am still working out this recipe and the plan. For example, see

I will update the rest as needed (But I can always go through the git logs to figure it out)



Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine wet ingredients separately. Slowly add the wet to the dry. Knead by hand to fully combine. Knead in the food processor for 30 seconds. Knead by hand to combine, then split into 4-6servings. Knead to clean up the loaves,Wrap in cheesecloth (optional). Let sit for 15 minutes.

Combine broth ingredients and bring to a simmer. Add rested seitan blocks and simmer (2/10 on induction) for 60 minutes.

Resting Before simmering After simmering All chopped up

Note: This does not include the sesame oil since I often skip it and it does not count calories in the broth since they are negligablein the final product

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Seitan Chorizo


Added2014-01-06. Originally from here but I have now noted a few changes. Note that this is a flexible recipe so you can mix it up with other seasonings, etc.

Seitan Chorizo( Originally

Combine dry ingredients well in a medium bow

Combine wet ingredients and stir/beat to make an emulsion. Tip: use immersion blender to make a really good emulsion

Add slowly to the dry ingredients making it into the dry. Try to beat/knead as little as possible (we don't want too much gluten)

Cooking method 1 (easier, more crumbles, some more cooked bits):

Cooking method 2 (harder but more tender pieces):

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