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Veggie Egg Bowls -- back to top

Meredith had started to make these for herself and made them for both of us for dinner. Her notes:

Sautéed spinach/power greens with Trader Joes green goddess seasoning blend until wilted. Then browned some frozen artichoke hearts with more green goddess seasoning and heated up some diced roasted red peppers (plus a bit of leftover relish from fish tacos). Heated up a tbsp or so of kimchi. Topped with 2 over easy eggs and served with hot sauce.

Southwestern Egg Rolls -- back to top

We were meeting friends at the zoo for lunch and decided to pack Southwestern Egg Rolls [Liz Moody]. Meredith made it mostly following the recipe. We used slightly bigger tortillas (I think) which made it easier to roll. They were New Mexico Tortilla Company which are thin and good. They were not Albuquerque Tortilla Company, which tends to be thicker, drier, and harder to fold!

Meredith also made a dipping sauce by mixing Dion' Ranch with some jalapeño sauce.

Side Note

Picnicking at the zoo presented some challenges. Due to avian flu, all feeding stations for the ducks and geese were removed. Of course, the grass was still rife with goose poop (challenge #1) but it also left some hungry birds. So while we were sitting and eating, they kept coming really close to us. We were shooing them away with arms and hat. We though that was working until a goose attacked my back! I though Meredith was tickling me or something but then I realized it was a goose pecking at me! Well that was a new experience!

Lasagna Soup -- back to top

Lasagna Soup using Rao's. I updated the recipe though we had moved to this sauce a while ago.

Quinoa Salad -- back to top

Meredith's Notes:

Quinoa Salad (aka Not Really Jennifer Aniston Salad) [Cook Republic]. I subbed cilantro for parsley and added shredded carrots because Caroline doesn’t eat them.

And queso fresco for feta because Walmart didn’t have feta. I wonder if it would have been a lot better with feta. I didn’t taste the cheese now that I think about it.

Banana Snickers -- back to top

Cheese Steak Breakfast Burritos -- back to top

I prepped cheese steak breakfast burritos to have for a quick, easy, grab-and-go breakfast. I used about 1.15lbs of shaved beef with some finely sliced onion and pepper and 9 eggs. I cooked everything separately which I think helped it from just becoming a mush. Note the tortillas I used. They work well for this whereas many brands do not.

It could have used more veggies. Next time!

Cooked from the fridge for 1 min in the microwave.

Zucchini And Sweet Potato Bread -- back to top

Zucchini And Sweet Potato Slice [Cook Republic]

Meredith made this using the recipe but it was a struggle. First of all, it was nothing like a quick-bread as seen in the recipe picture. And it cooked forever. We think both of those are related to the zucchini having too much liquid. We will squeeze it out even better next time.

I think she also did it vegetarian.

Boursin Polenta -- back to top

Used Creamy Oven Polenta [Mediterranean Every Day] as a base with Boursin cheese and also some roasted Za'tar tomatoes. Served with tempura shrimp.

It was good and easy to do in the oven!

Snowman Cheese Ball -- back to top

Snowman Cheese Ball [A Beautiful Mess]

Meredith made this at the rental cabin in Angel Fire, NM.

Red Beans and Rice -- back to top

Meredith made Red Beans and Rice [Joy the Baker] using similar changes to 2021-02-16, which are now noted on the main recipe page.