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Empanada/Samosa Dough


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I have made these a few times but I figured I would try to nail down the dough a little bit more and maybe get some nutritional information for it as well. Recipe after the break!

The recipe is:

Combine the flours and salt then slowly add the margarine and egg beaters while beating it. Add the skim milk until it comes together. You may need a bit more or less. I prefer to use the stand mixer with the beater blade until things start coming together and then I switch to a dough hook

Knead with dough hook for at least 10 minutes. Let sit for about 30 minutes or more

For Empanadas: Cut into 6 even pieces and roll to as good of a circle as possible. Add filling to half of it leaving a 1/2 inch (approximately) edge. Rub a wet finger around edge of the entire dough. Fold over and press to seal. Start at the far end and pull the sealed edge and then twist and fold over.

For Samosa: Cut into half as many balls as final samosas. Roll into a thin circle and cut in half. Fold over the cut side but keep the pocket open. Seal with water and then crimp with fork. You should have a cone of sorts. Fill with filling then stretch and crimp the other end.

Put on a greased cooking sheet. Spray top with pam. Cook for about 25 minutes at 400 or until browned and hard, but not too crispy.

Milk Note: When Ifirst did this[@rev] I just said to add milk until it comes together. In my latest test (link to follow), I measured it to be as stated. In general, you are looking for a dough that has fully absorbed everything and is just a little bit sticky. You may need more or less milk.

2011-01-09 Note: As we didhere[@rev], you can use almond milk and it works fine. Changes the points too but not by much.

2011-07-20 Note: I added somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2 tsp of salt. It made the dough much tastier. Good addition!

Nutritional fat/carbs/protein/fiber/calories:

1/2 cup white whole wheat flour: 1/46/8/8/220

1/2 cup all purpose flour: 0/44/6/0/200

1 Tbsp egg beaters: 0/(1/8)/(3/2)/0/7.5

1 Tbsp Smart Balance: 5/0/0/0/50

1/4 cup skim milk 0/3.25/2/0/22.5


The total for 6 is:


That is 12 Points plus. So each one has 2 Points plus

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